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I hope all of those who celebrate Ostara had a great Ostara, this was only my second time celebrating it. I identify as a lesbian eclectic witch. When I was younger I remember buying a spell book from the local library and that's when I performed my first spell not realizing what wicca or witchcraft even was. My parents raised us to believe in whatever we want to believe even though my mom is Christian she never pushed that on us. So I grew up mostly agnostic/atheistic, and it wasn't until over a year ago where I discovered witchcraft and pagan religions, I honestly don't remember what pushed me towards it and I don't know exactly what I believe in but I'm on a journey and I'm growing as a person.


So, while the poop was hitting the vents Tuesday, as my want I did a Runecasting. Not all that Useful 'cause it basically said, "The Shit has hit the Fan". Duh;>! For the rest of the day Runes kept popping up in my thoughts. Not surprisingly, during my shower I got what I call a "Voiceover" where I Hear _____(fill in the Blank; Subconscious, Higher Self, Voice of Deity, etc). It said, "Time to Focus".
Since the late 90's I've been using both the Elder Futhark and Anglo-Frisian Futhorc(though Honestly more the EF). I've done a lot of Work with both over the passing decades. I've filled a few notebooks with stuff. Never had any interest in the Younger Futhark and the Armanen? Don't think So.
I don't know how much time I have left on Midgard(at least a decade, maybe more) so I think that was a push to get more serious. So my AF Runestaves have been put away and my EF stavesets are out where they can be used. My favs are a Copper EF and an EF carved into Snowflake Obsidian. My more traditional sets are those risted into Yew, Holly and Antler though I'm more "tuned" to my Copper set.
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A couple weeks ago, waiting for the cable company(which btw STILL hasn't fixed the problem;>)I started to re-read old journals. I've been doing them since the late 70's but lost those before the mid 80's when I moved to DC back in the late 80's.
They've been very informative, though not always in a positive manner;>. I can at least say that there has been a movement toward Positive Growth continually over the decades. Not as great as I'd have wished or hoped but better now than in the beginning.
One thing that was really noticeable was that the older the entry, the more likely it to do with Magic in some form. Maybe it's good that the 1st few yrs of my Path logged got lost;>! Looking back, I wonder how I had time for Work and a Life with all Crafting being logged(and I know dern well that a LOT didn't...I'm not that diligent a journaller;>!).
I think a lot of us in the alt.rel community when we start off on our Paths we tend to go overboard with the Spellkraft. It's just sooooo kewel;>!!!! Later, as you Grow, you not only realize how to Work better, you also realize when NOT TO. Sometimes I think a lot of the krap that happens to us later on our Paths is simply the Weird/Orlog/Karma/etc form our Magical Actions early on.
Like a lot of folks, I didn't Understand back then why my Elders who were fairly Evolved(I lucked out) did very little Magic and did ONLY after much Introspection. If I knew where they were today I think I'd apologize for being such a royal Pain......
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Looking Back....

So, while waiting for tech #7 day before yesterday I was browsing my metaphysical library and looked through some of my old notebooks/journals. As anyone whose journalled for a significant amt of time knows, this is an Interesting Experience.....not necessarily a Pleasant one;>. And since I have mine from the late 80's on(the earlier ones were lost when I 1st moved to the Gulf Coast in the early 90's), that's a lot of self-indulgent whining, scattered with minute bits of wisdom. For some reason one from the late 80's when I was Working with Flower Essences caught my eye.
One bit was my self-diagnosis of Gentian/Hornbeam Personality. Re reading my notes and my Bach Flower books I was in a way pleased to note the diagnosis held up AND that I carried less of the Negative aspects of those personality types....though less than I would have liked since almost 25 yrs had passed since;>!
It also reminded me of my life studies. While they LOOK diverse, they tend to focus in 2 areas, Healing and Botany. Even my studies of Runestaves tended to focus on the use of them to deal with ailments.
Reading these entries reminded me of one of the greatest Weaknesses those of us in the alt.rel community have; the distraction of the new and shiny(which in the case of jewelry and cutlery literally;>!). It takes Discipline to NOT drop what you're Working on to a new Modality before you've Mastered it. I admit I DON'T. I also admit that I'm better than a lot of folks I know too, so I don't beat myself up too much;>.
Just being on this platform is a form of Journalling and rereading archived material if you've been on a while can be just as revealing...or disappointing. Still, I think it's a "Good Thing" to ever so often get out an old journal at random and read, if only to see how your earlier self dealt with life's lessons.
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Barack Obama

Donald Trump has reached the level of the real President of the USA

Donald Trump has reached the level of the real President of the USA.

I can see just now that Trump has reached the level of the real President of the USA. His strength of a lion, his speed of a jaguar and his long sight of an eagle let him raise the USA to an absolutely new level – the level of civilization.

The cooperation with Russia as the most important friend of the USA will help the world discover existence of our land, the planet in the new dimension.

I think that the way Trump has chosen is a real historic one, being very important for our times and for the future generations.

Nikolai Shmatko


Some good news

Originally posted by unisagi at Some good news
From NCTE: "the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (the agency that administers health benefits for Federal employees and retirees) issued a carrier letter to their insurance plans instructing them that they can no longer maintain blanket exclusions of transition-related care. "

How many think this will be the first step toward forcing insurance plans to remove the blanket exclusion for everybody?