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From NCTE: "the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (the agency that administers health benefits for Federal employees and retirees) issued a carrier letter to their insurance plans instructing them that they can no longer maintain blanket exclusions of transition-related care. "

How many think this will be the first step toward forcing insurance plans to remove the blanket exclusion for everybody?

How Ignorant was this Guy About Pagans?

Earlier this week I was riding on a bus and this guy asked me if I was Christian, I said, "No". He then asked if I believe in God, I replied, "I believe in the Goddess" (I'm a Dianic Pagan). I had to say that several times because he kept saying, "In God?".

"You don't believe in God?"

"I believe in the Goddess" I'm a pagan (of course, there are different kinds of paganism).

He turned around to the other passengers and went on about there has to be a God because of this and this and this.

How ignorant was this guy being? Is it just me or did he assume I'm an atheist, not there is anything wrong with being atheist?

Before he got off the bus he said he reads a lot (I wonder if he really does).

New Yr's Resolutions.....

I know. It’s not even Samhain ;>! One thing I’ve learned is that to get them to Work, you have to plan ahead so……
What I do is decide what I want to do before Samhain. I usually plan a Mundane and a Metaphysical project. After Samhain I “testdrive” them; see if they are feasible. If they are, I go full bore after New Years.
This yr I might just start after the Celtic New Year because for at least the Metaphysical projects they are reoccurring ones. The 1st is Runestaves. I 1st started in the mid 80’s. The last was the early 00’s. The 2nd is Old English, which I studied in the 00’s as well(previous languages were Old Norse and Irish Gaelic). I have all I need for the Runewerk; all the Runepoems in Origin al Languages as well as mult translations, classes taken and notes kept on both classes, workshoppes and Meditations ON. For OE, I’m adding textbooks that weren’t available to me last time thanks to the expansion of the internet.
The Mundane project(s) are mainly dealing with my new “Learning Experience”, Type 2 Diabetes. Luckily, I’m still at the pill stage and would like to stay that way as long as possible(I managed “prediabetic” for almost a decade). Thankfully, being a bit of a “Foodie” as well as cook I’m functional in a number of cuisines, most of which tend to have lower Diabetes than Western European/American. Actually, the biggest problem I see is breaking a half century habit of cereal for breakfast;>!
So, do you all have any cooking?
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Finding a New Home Spell Question

I want to do a finding a new home spell but many of those spells having directions about pictures and/or ads for homes. Are pictures and/or ads for homes neccessary? Is visualization of the home and/or giving an ASL/PSE/verbal discription of the home enough?

Can I do the spell without a pic/ad?

FTM/Genderqueer May Basket W/O Flowers Question

May Eve is coming and I'm looking for ideas for a May Basket that isn't centered on flowers because of my ftm /genderqueer identity (I worry that if my mom sees flowers it might give her a "green light" to start getting me unwanted feminine clothes, jewlery, etc.) Are there alternatives to flowers to create a men's May basket?

I asked this question elsewhere and got a smart-ass answer. :(